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What I’m using this site for:

  • Film reviews and essays
  • Music reviews and essays
  • Literature reviews and essays
  • Reviews and essays on other visual arts/media

What I won’t use it for:

  • Anything else

At least I hope I won’t.

This site’s name comes from a concept Tim O’Brien offers in the Things They Carried. His award-winning book–which teeters carefully between biography and fiction–suggests that ‘story-truth’ (as he puts it) can sometimes be more true than ‘happening-truth.’

Fiction, be it through a screenplay or lyric sheet or typed prose, can tell us of truth more readily than a billboard or press release. It can speak of the eternal more clearly than what we see and hear day to day. As Frederick Buechner has said, “If you express the best you have in you in your work, it is more than just the best you have in you that you are expressing.”



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