Truer Than Truth is a review-based ‘blog centered on the assumption that arts and culture are based on three things: truth, beauty and goodness. Truer Than Truth focuses on engaging and discussing the arts (primarily film, literature and music), looking for the eternal in our culture.

This site’s name comes from a concept Tim O’Brien offers in the Things They Carried. His award-winning book–which teeters carefully between biography and fiction–suggests that ’story-truth’ (as he puts it) can sometimes be more true than ‘happening-truth.’

Truer Than Truth is run by Jason Panella, a film, music and literature enthusiast. He is the music critic for GO magazine and a contributing editor of culture.ish, and has written for Comment magazine and Catapult magazine. A graduate of Geneva College, Jason works for his alma mater’s public relations department and lives in Beaver Falls, Pa.